Anisuzzaman is best known for his woodcut prints. His single or multicolor prints are subtle and careful not to let color distract from the subject. Complexity-52 is a good example of this. 

Like many artists, he focuses on what he knows, on what's around him. He lives and works in Dhaka, a thriving growing city. A city where you're surrounded by development in the form of new architectural constructions. His Complexity series focuses on this unbound development. 

He's one of the first in Bangladesh to use this old printing technique to spotlight a modern problem. He does this using skills that are world class. As an Associate Professor at Dhaka University, he has influenced generations of students. 

In a political climate where people with influence can do what they want with impunity. His work in his Complexity series focuses on the greater repercussions of such actions.

He is also an accomplished painter. Using subtle watercolors he shares with us other parts of the world around him. With this different medium, his subject matter also changes to something softer, something natural.