Inside Mohammad Iqbal's Studio

One of the most exciting ways to discover new artists is to see them in action inside their studios. To help you get to know the many talented artists on Artist Trekker, we invite you to preview their works-in-progress, learn about what inspires them, and see their work hanging on their studio walls or in recent exhibitions.

We first heard about M. Iqbal this year. This is because after many years of honing his skills in Japan, he recently moved back to Bangladesh. And we're glad that he did, because we immediately fell in love with his work. What particularly resonates with us is his haunting depiction of children in his work.

Mohammad Iqbal spent the last eleven years in Japan, doing higher studies in art, and received his Ph.D. degree from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010. A chapter of his Ph.D. dissertation titled “Civilization and Destruction” where he shows how children have to pay a heavy price for the wars the elders wage in different flash-points of the world.

M. Iqbal likes to paint with oil. His larger-than-life paintings are both abstract and figurative. We're mesmerized by the faces of children. Their expressions of wonder, pain, bewilderment and fear. Enjoy these photographs of our studio visit.