Voltage Coffee & Art Presents Artist Trekker

People tend to spend their free time doing things that interest them, that make them feel good. Very often our jobs are not what define us, it’s what we choose to do after 5pm that really gets us going. For Reza and Fatema of Artist Trekker, they choose to travel to Bangladesh to meet with local artists and bring back with them selections of artwork to show at pop-up exhibitions around Boston.

Artist Trekker will hold their show at Voltage Coffee & Art Gallery and we are very proud to support their mission. Through their website (artisttrekker.com) you can familiarized yourself with the style and look of this type of art from Bangladesh, however experiencing the exhibit live is transformative – the hues and saturation create explicit moods. Walking through the gallery, each room gives an immediate impression, from spiritual and iconic to that of a dream-like narrative; it is truly work that you don’t feel everyday.

It is so easy to tell when people are excited: they talk with their hands, their pupils dilate. Like kids in a candy store, Reza and Fatema’s excitement for this opening and belief in these artists cannot be denied. A large contribution to this exhibit is their presence; their knowledge of the artists and contagious energy engages the viewer and the interaction serves as a personal links to the artists themselves. They are as much a part of this exhibition as the works themselves and we are very happy to host this show at Voltage.

Anna Schindelar
Curator, Voltage Coffee & Art Gallery