New Artwork by Bishwajit Goswami

With "Enlightened," Bishwajit shows us how the way we learn the Bangla Barnamala (alphabet) is a reflection of our enlightened selves. Our learning journey begins with the Bangla Barnamala which reflects our true expressions. And in Bangladesh that childhood journey begins with a slate chalkboard. 

Bishwajit says slate is a basic tool for learning. To cover the complete learning process he uses three different surfaces. On each surface, he repeats the same letter and puts the focus on a letter in the center position using neon light. The glowing letter enhancing the spirit of our enlightened alphabet.

Anusshar, Bishorga, Chandrabindu - are the last three letters of Bangla Barnamala. They can't make any meaningful word on their own. But they always play a supporting role to create words as spiritual beings. This is how this installation is a reflection of our enlightened selves.