Nasreen Begum

Born: 1956
Hometown: Chuadanga, Bangladesh
Lives and Works: Dhaka, Bangladesh
MFA (Printmaking), MS University, Baroda, India
BFA, Department of Oriental Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka


From The Artist

Playing with colors in search of what might be, but not what is. The creation and extraction of colors, images and lines to discover the ultimate truth and beauty. The gripping struggle to capture for all times the instant elegance of passing beauty.

Sun-drenched sea-shores, watery dance of playful waves, a human child playing with sea-shells on the sandy shore. Flitting from horizon to horizon in the desire to create a mood of flawless simplicity and purity. 

Just as the growing bud of a flower combines the restlessness and simplicity of a child, I seek myself in my paintings with the same childlike restlessness.

The tiniest leaf, wild flower, creeper, soothing drop of water, pollen floating in the air, the quivering wings of a dragonfly or butterfly, a sudden green calm, a luminous blue glow, such small elements leading though to all great matters in my journey in quest of unlimited light. The search for an unknown light fills every steps of life in a minute yet unfulfilled enquirer. 

Unknown light fills every step of life in a minute yet unfulfilled inquiry. The mind is transformed with the passage of time. Within the evolution of time and the mind continues the strong desire to discover.

In the play and mixture of colors is attempted a simple movement. Colors should not lose their individuality or brightness in the miniatures. Imbuing my paintings with my own philosophy to bring fulfillment to the unfulfilled, to touch untouchable is the goal of my unrelenting motion.

In the color, movement, light and shade and variety of forms of my paintings, my journey is in the quest of Sigmund Freud's 'unconscious' and Lalon's 'unknowable land.' I do not know where the journey ends. I do not know whether I will find the way even at the very end of life. I look for the 'unconscious' and the 'unknowable land' in every stroke, color and movement of my paintings.

Select Permanent Collections

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
Bangladesh National Museum
Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
Bengal Foundation, Dhaka