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Nasreen Begum Capturing Symbols of Life and Death

One to WatchRezaul HaqueComment
I started painting the “Drifting Leaves” series in 1991. Bangladesh is a country embedded in beauty and variety. If you pay attention, you will notice the festival of falling leaves drifting by in nature throughout the year. The dead and dry leaves, yellow, green, red, of all different shapes and sizes. These leaves are on the grass and on the water. Through it all, they are the inspirations of my paintings. In April, red, orange and yellow petals drift from Krishnochura (Royal Poinciana) trees. The leaves grow, as if to reclaim their place in life from death. It’s a cycle nature goes through. In my two paintings in the “Drifting Leaves” series, I wanted to capture these symbols of life and death.

By Nasreen Begum