Ranjit Das

From The Artist

In my paintings, I focus on different essences of nature, the transformation, the abstraction, while combining prose and poetic forms, and thus the form and content. For example, the man and his substance, his behavior and nature, his past and present experiences.

I always try to seek and add something new to my paintings. While painting, I think of color, space, and spontaneity in my aesthetic pursuit. In my paintings, the schematic language and the space both symbolizes the steadiness of life, with accent-less sound and the unsteadiness of life, with jumping and falling sound. To me, paintings must express its beauty and fragrance in its own way, own form and own color. It must come almost effortlessly from one’s soul.

From the past, great masters like Rembrandt, Matisse, Mondrian, Picasso, and Van Gogh have inspired me. In present time, Far Eastern, Indian, and Middle Eastern paintings, music, dance and poetry helps me challenge my work and inject ideas for growth. As for the future, modern art in forms of video and installations are fascinating to me.