Inside Anisuzzaman's Studio

One of the most exciting ways to discover new artists is to see them in action inside their studios. To get to know the artists, we invite you to preview their works-in-progress. Learn about what inspires them and see their work hanging on their studio walls. One fine summer day, Artist Trekker braved the Dhaka traffic to visit Anisuzzaman's studio. 

Artist Anisuzzaman

Artist Anisuzzaman

At the studio, Anisuzzaman explained the intricate process of woodcutting. He explained how woodcut is a technique in printmaking where he carves an image into the surface of the wood. Where the printed parts are level with the surface. He removes the non-printing parts with gouges. He then cuts away areas to show 'white' with a knife or chisel. This leaves the image to show in 'black' at the original surface level.

He then covers the surface with ink by rolling over with an ink-covered roller. This leaves ink on the flat surface but not in the non-printing areas. The block goes face up on a table, with the paper on top. Finally, he rubs the paper with a traditional Japanese tool called a baren.

Sometimes, Anisuzzaman prints with colors by keying the paper to a frame. With the frame, he uses a different block for each color.